North Central College is starting 2021 with a new partnership in the fight against COVID-19, and anew saliva base COVID test.

“So North Central College has partnered with Shield Illinois to implement their saliva based RTPCR test on our campus. This is a similar test to what we were doing before, but the difference is how the sample is collected,” said Dr. Marci J. Swede, Dean of School of Education and Health Professions at North Central College.

Cutting Edge Saliva Based Test

This new test collects a saliva sample, as opposed to the previous test, which used a nasal swab.

The cutting edge saliva test was developed by Shield Illinois, an outgrowth from the University of Illinois The group is supplying the tests, labs and logistical support to their community partners.

Picture Source: Naperville Community Television

SOURCE ( Naperville Community Television )