Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, Illinois
> Adults who exercise regularly: 79.1% (national average: 76.7% )
> Workers who walk to their jobs: 3.0% (national average: 2.6%)
> Adult obesity rate: 29.0% (national average: 29.0%)
> Adults in poor or fair health: 16.2% (national average: 17.2%)
> Median household income: $75,379 (national average: $65,712)

One of the most walkable and most bike-friendly cities in the country, Chicago has a lot to offer those who lead physically active lifestyles. An estimated 97.4% of residents of the broader Chicago metro area have easy access to places like gyms, parks, and recreation centers, a far larger share than the 84.2% share of the population nationwide.

Metro area residents also appear likely to take advantage of these opportunities, as 79.1% of the local adult population reports regular physical activity, compared to 76.7% of adults nationwide.

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SOURCE ( Hristina Byrnes, Samuel Stebbins /247 wallst.)