Yard signs. Banners in the town center. Car parades. Lots of virtual recognitions.

These are some of the ways suburban high school educators are making the final school year special for graduating seniors amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

Illinois’ stay-at-home order now extending through the rest of the school year has foiled many time-honored senior milestones, including athletic events, proms, spring plays and concerts, special recognitions and, most importantly, graduation ceremonies that have been canceled or delayed until summer.

“Our heart goes out to all these kids because they have missed so many markers in their life,” said Daniel Klett, principal of Wauconda High School. “We want to give hope to kids. We are trying to find ways to keep them engaged and let them have something that they can remember of a poor situation.”

Picture Source: Photo Courtesy of Brian Hill

SOURCE ( Madhu Krishnamurthy /Daily Herald)