Naperville may put restrictions on Airbnbs and other short-term rental properties to regulate parties and limit parking and occupancy after residents raised new complaints.

In a 9-0 vote Tuesday night, the Naperville City Council directed city staff to draft an ordinance that defines short-term rentals, restricts gatherings, and establishes rules for things like on-street parking and number of occupants.

The issue of whether to regulate short-term rentals became an issue earlier this year when a $1.5 million Naperville home on Santa Maria Drive was used for an unauthorized Super Bowl Sunday house party that drew 150 people and wreaked havoc on the residential block.

A year earlier, residents on North Ellsworth Street raised similar complaints following a chaotic 2018 New Year’s party at a short-term rental house that they said resulted in guests urinating in public, fighting and throwing bottles in neighbors’ yards.

Picture Source: Suzanne Baker / Naperville Sun

SOURCE ( Erin Hegarty / Chicago Tribune )